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what makes us feel good about our work?

I love this TED talk by Dan Ariely about what it is that makes us feel good about our work.  It turns out that money isn't the great motivator, it's meaning. In fact, here are the insights of his talk:

1.  Seeing the fruits of our labour may make us more productive.
2. The less appreciated we feel our work is, the more money we want to do it.
3.  The harder a project is, the prouder we feel of it.
4.  Knowing that our work helps others may increase our unconscious motivation.
5.  The promise of helping others makes us more likely to follow rules.
6.  Positive reinforcement about our abilities may increase performance
7.  Images that trigger positive emotions may actually help us focus.

Take a look at the 20 minute video above for more.  Does this ring true for you?